Cornell University Sustainable Development Team

The Cornell University Sustainable Development organization is a student run and operated group that takes on projects around the globe to aid in the pursuit of sustainability.  With the purpose of empowering people to make a sustainable impact within their own community, CUSD has taken on projects as far away as Ghana.

Their mission is to challenge students to create dynamic and innovative solutions for economic, social, and ecological difficulties faced by the global community.

Each year, they choose a select number of projects that will allow students to learn and grow and to make a positive impact on the world.  In addition to Overlook Ridge, they are currently working on rethinking recycling, waste management at the Smithsonian National Zoo, improving public transportation in Tompkins County, conducting an energy audit at the Cooper Hewittt Museum in New York City as well as several other important projects.

This is our second project with CUSD.  In 2015, they provided teams to design the townhouse architecture, researched energy options and provided marketing support.  This year, the team will be working on two projects:

  • Create a master plan that will minimize infrastructure requirements and costs, effectively utilize the property with minimal required site work and maintain its natural beauty.
  • Study sustainability in the broadest sense.  From energy efficiency and production to presenting ideas for improved sustainability to the current residents of the development.